Academic Action Plan for your Gifted Child

You’ve pursued assessments, evaluations and, or, created a portfolio of your child’s work, now what?  You need to work with the school and set up a meeting, but what do you ask for, or what can you ask for to meet your child’s needs? Are there any laws to support your gifted child’s needs in the classroom?

We can help.

How it works:

  1. Tell us about your child – Fill out the information on the AAP form.
  2. Share your child’s information (assessments, evaluations or academic work summaries) with us, via scanned documents emailed, or shared on google drive, drop box, etc.
  3. Receive a document of recommendations within two weeks to present to your school, after we review and analyze the information.

What you can expect from  us:

Integrity and confidentiality of your personal and student information that you share with us

A printed report to present to the school, containing recommendations for the school to implement in meeting your gifted child’s unique needs

The cost of the analysis and recommendations is $199.00. Buy Now Button

You will receive your electronic report by email within two weeks from the time when we receive your complete information: payment, the AAP form and all of the child’s information and attachments (testing, assessments, level of school work, any achievement outside of school.)

Let’s Meet!

Consulting is available to discuss your gifted child’s unique needs, either face-to-face or online using Zoom, google Hangouts, FaceTime, or other conferencing tools available. Send us an email and list your availability options, and details about how we can help,

Add a 2-hour consulting session – $100.00 for $75.00 with purchase of the Academic Action Plan

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