Kelley E.B. Senkowski, M. Ed.


Kelley has been consulting for the past dozen years with educators, administrators, professionals and parents on understanding and supporting the needs of the gifted students. Her graduate work is in Educational Technology, with an MBA certificate in Innovation and Design Management, and she has been an Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State University since 2014 teaching graduate courses. Kelley helped found the Gifted Advisory Committee at the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Innovation and Improvement, served on the Early College Credit Opportunity committee, and the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) committee, Office of Strategic Planning and Implementation, MDE. She has presented at the Michigkel-at-mdean State Board of Education meeting, and to the Deputy Superintendent, on the needs of gifted in Michigan, and she and peers wrote and submitted a 70-page Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) on the needs of gifted students in the state.

She has held the role of Gifted Coordinator at the Ottawa Area ISD since 2018.

She brings both professional and personal experience to her profession having five highly gifted children with varying learning disabilities and emotional needs. She regularly presents at regional and state conferences, and specializes in using technology for serving gifted and twice-exceptional populations. She is also the creator of the online 2-min. video series on gifted needs.gifted2-button-3-600x665

Kelley has also served on district, regional, and state boards, including elected twice as president of Michigan Association for Gifted Children and past member of the Michigan Department of Education, Early College Credit Earning Opportunity (ECCEO), Advisory Board under the Office of School of Improvement, MDE, and on the Kent ISD Gifted Advisory board. She has also led regional parent support groups in West Michigan.