Customized Presentations on Gifted, Consulting and eLearning

Half or Full Day Workshops and Presentations on Gifted

Professional Development in Gifted Education

Customized to fit the needs of the group and organizational goals. Professional development may consist of:

  1. Gifted topic presentations, half or full day
  2. Presentation half day, with afternoon workshop
  3. Presentation half day, team or individual teacher curriculum consulting
  4. Other agenda combination to fit your needscolored pencils

Past presentations have included:

What is Gifted? – Characteristics, traits, learning needs, and what they look like in the classroom.

Gifted, the Missed Population – All about gifted: traits, characteristics, learning disabilities, intensities, social emotional, how to support them in the classroom.

Gifted Social Emotional Needs – How is this population different than traditional cropped-students-diverse1.jpgstudents? How can gifted S/E needs effect learning? Learn ways of supporting them in the classroom and school.

Gifted with Learning Disabilities – What this looks like in a student, what are their needs, risks of not supporting their needs, and how to support them in the classroom.

Gifted and Technology? – What are the needs of the gifted student and how can technology integrate into current units and lessons to help meet the learning needs of all of the students, including gifted students?

Don’t see one you like? A presentation can be created to meet your specific needs and goals for your gifted students and staff in your current environment.

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Build-Your-Own Gifted Academy

All workshops include title A, then choose titles B – F to add one, or more workshops for a 1, 2 or 3 day academy

  1. Understanding Gifted – social emotional and academic characteristics


  1. Identifying Gifted – traits and testing: early childhood, school age, and adults
  2. Curriculum Strategies for Gifted Students – forms of acceleration, UDL, tiering lessons
  3. Gifted and Underachievement – how and why gifted students underachieve and strategies to help reverse it
  4. Integrating Technology for Gifted – how technology integration in curriculum can allow gifted students to engage and keep learning
  5. Gifted Special Populations – minority gifted, gifted with learning disabilities, gifted girls, bullying

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Curriculum Consulting

Meet individually, or in teacher teams, to review current units and lessons and to offer recommendations for extending curriculum and technology integration. Specific student needs can be discussed and recommendations for instruction offered after ‘you’ve tried everything that you know’ to challenge a student.

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elearningGT-U logo

GT University offers multiple ways to learn online, either individually or with a group Laptop no outline.jpg

2-minute Video Instruction –  gifted 2 logo color

Free, short instruction on understanding gifted topics that can be used individually or in a group for further discussion. Use for staff lunches, PD training, individual training, include in emails to other educators or parents, etc.  FREE!

Mini Video Workshops coming soon C

Short eLearning videos that can be done on a lunch hour, in the evening or in a group. A more in-depth look at accommodations and extending curriculum with templates and sample lesson ideas.

Online Courses in Gifted coming soon C

University level courses on furthering your understanding of gifted students, their needs, and how to support them in order to keep them engaged to develop lifelong learning skills.