2-minute free videos on gifted topics

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Gifted Squared videos can be used for individual learning or as a group to aid discussion. Based on the research, there is little education in understanding giftedness in our current environment.

These short clips on gifted topics are meant to spread awareness and understanding of this population. They are meant to be used in conjunction with, not in place of, assessments and evaluations. Use as either a screening tool for further assessment, or for knowledge and awareness once giftedness has been identified.

Please share with family, teachers, staff or professionals for learning about gifted children. These clips may be emailed or added to websites, or used in any way to educate others about what is normal for gifted people.

Review the Research! 

Gifted – Social/Emotional

Gifted and Friends

Gifted – Identification

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Gifted and Intensities

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 Gifted and LDs (2e)

Gifted – Working with Parents

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Gifted – Working with the School

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Although, there is not extensive research on gifted children, what is available is excellent and done by devoted researchers to help all of us understand this population so we can support and nurture them. See for yourself – check out the research.