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GT-University offers eLearning opportunities to fit any time or financial budget, to help you better understand and support gifted students.

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GT University offers multiple ways to learn online, either individually or with a group

2-minute Video Instruction –  gifted 2 logo color

Free, short instruction on understanding gifted topics that can be used individually or in a group for further discussion. Use for staff lunches, PD training, individual training, include in emails to other educators or parents, etc.  FREE!

Mini Video Workshops – coming soon C

Short eLearning videos that can be done on a lunch hour, in the evening or in a group. A more in-depth look at accommodations and extending curriculum with templates and sample lesson ideas.

If you would like to be notified when a workshop opens up for registration, please send a message to, and include your name and specific workshop of interest.

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GC001  Gifted – A New Norm:  What is normal for gifted children, in how they act, how they develop, socially and emotionally, and academically? Are they really so different from any other non-gifted classmate? If so, how? Find out these answers and ways to support them to reach their potential.

GC002  Understanding and supporting the gifted student:  Find out ways to keep the gifted student engaged in learning through appropriate level challenge, given all the student needs in the classroom.

GC003  Gifted and Technology: Is technology appropriate for engaging gifted students in the classroom? How much technology use is appropriate? Find out ways to integrate technology in order to extend lessons and units to keep the gifted student challenged.

GC004  Gifted and Learning Disabled: Understanding the student who is gifted and also has one or more learning disabilities. Find out ways to address both ends of the learning need while keeping the appropriate learning level to keep the student challenged.

Laptop no outline.jpgAfter emailing for the next available opening, check out with your payment. You will be sent a link, user and password, to use for your mini workshop. webinar.

Online Courses in Gifted – coming soon C

Edupath Gifted Series – Coming in 2022!

University level courses on furthering your understanding of gifted students, their needs, and how to support them in order to keep them engaged to develop lifelong learning skills. These courses are designed for graduate level, but are open to all.