Parent Help for Gifted Children

Parenting can be challenging and parenting a gifted child increases the challenge by leaps and bounds. Gifted children are fascinating and it is exciting to try to ‘see’ the world as they do. Yet, they are unique and trying to live in a world and culture that doesn’t understand or appreciate their incredible minds and feelings, and an education system currently not understanding them or sensitive to their learning needs.


Have you ever asked yourself, or others, any of the questions below?

  • Why does my child react differently to things than others?
  • My child doesn’t follow any of the developmental milestones and seems on his own schedule?
  • Her interests are very different from her friends and she knows everything there is to know about her passion area.
  • He likes to read anything and everything! He prefers it over playing with others.
  • She learns things so fast, and then makes further connections on her own.
  • Why is it such a struggle for my child to fall/stay asleep at night?
  • My child falls apart and melts down unexpectedly, when others his age don’t seem to react that way.
  • Tags in her clothes and socks drive her crazy!
  • Why does he gravitate to older kids and adults in social settings instead of kids his age?
  • My child is so bored and frustrated at school, what can I do?

We can help you understand your child, giftedness, academic needs, what assessments might help, and what to do next, in helping meet your child’s needs.

Conferencing and Parent Consulting

Based on your location, we can set up a virtual meeting using, google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, or other conferencing tools available. Or, we can set up an in-person meeting. Send us an email and list your availability options, and details about how we can help, to

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